Official, Verified, Global Trade Data

Trade Data Monitor, Inc. (TDM) is the world’s top supplier of trade statistics to governments, corporations, manufacturers, law firms, trade associations and international organizations on six continents.

TDM collects monthly import and export statistics from customs agencies, statistics institutes and other sources in over 110 countries, then uses proprietary software to assemble, organize, and publish the data in user-friendly charts.

TDM offers unrivaled market intelligence in real-time in a dozen languages, and all currencies, months and sometimes years before the competition. TDM databases are easy to sort and read, and richly detailed by tariff code, value, weight, price, and, when available, port and region.

TDM also delivers the world’s best customer services, with offices in Geneva, Charleston, New York and Washington, staffed by world-renowned experts with decades of experience in global trade statistics, commodities and supply chains. They provide thorough training and fast feedback, making it easy for customers to harness trade statistics for their business, research, policy management, and legal cases.

As global trade undergoes massive changes, TDM remains committed to keeping its databases updated with the latest software and methodology, and to providing its customers with the most accurate, up-to-date and valuable trade statistics in the world.


Custom Platforms

Our databases are easy to read, and our global commodity reporting systems are built to meet your specific supply chain, international trade statistics, and government information needs.

Find exactly the data you need with the precise search tools of the comprehensive Trade Data Monitor® database.

Seamless Integration

Our data covers every country, industry, trade route and supply chain in the world, using thousands of unique HS codes to track each distinct product and commodity. For every HS code, we use trade statistics to help you understand what’s really happening.


Personal Attention

Trade Data Monitor® has premier customer service. Our experts are always available to answer questions about statistics, database, HS codes, methodology and other key areas of global trade.