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Trade Data Monitor is a powerful tool that provides current insights into global trade trends and market opportunities, making it an invaluable resource for businesses, investors, lawyers, officials and policymakers seeking to better understand the dynamics of international trade.

Trade Data Monitor publishes monthly trade statistics from over 115 countries, covering over 99% of global trade, assembled in a clean, powerful database searchable by HS code, country, value, weight, currency, and, when available, port and region, to the latest month from decades ago.

Our database, easy to sort and read, goes farther back and is more up-to-date than our competitors, and takes seconds to generate charts that enlighten analysts, win trade cases, and juice profits.

Trade Data Monitor allows users to monitor the flow of goods between different countries, track changes in import and export volumes, and identify emerging trends in specific industries. This information can be used to make more informed business decisions, such as identifying new markets to target or adjusting supply chains to optimize efficiency.

Another advantage of Trade Data Monitor is its ability to provide granular insights into specific industries and product categories. For example, users can track the volume and value of imports and exports for a particular type of product, such as automobiles, soybeans or consumer electronics. This can help businesses identify areas of growth and competition within their industry, and make strategic decisions about product development and marketing.

Trade Data Monitor can also be used to monitor changes in global commodity prices, which can have a significant impact on businesses across industries. By tracking price fluctuations, users can anticipate changes in supply and demand, and adjust their operations accordingly.

We do whatever it takes to secure detailed, accurate information from all the world’s key trading nations, because we are motivated by a desire to serve our customers by publishing the truth about the trade flows that make up the global economy.

Not only do we have the best data, we also have the best service and pricing. We tailor costs and accessibility to suit your needs.

In sum, Trade Data Monitor’s ability to provide detailed information on trade flows, commodity prices, and industry trends makes it an essential resource for anybody seeking to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of international trade.

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