The Trade Data You Need To Win

Trade Data Monitor publishes real-time monthly trade statistics from over 115 countries, covering over 99% of global trade. We assemble them in a clean, powerful database searchable by HS code, country, value, weight, currency, and, when available, port and region, to the latest month from decades ago.

Our database, easy to sort and read, goes farther back and is more up-to-date than our competitors. Every time a car, banana or iPhone, ton of steel, copper or aluminum, or load of iron ore, coal or oil is shipped, we count it, straight from customs agencies all over the world. With our database, it takes seconds to generate charts that can enlighten your analysts, win trade cases, earn your company millions.

We do whatever it takes to secure detailed accurate information from all the world’s key trading nations, because we are motivated by a desire to serve our customers by unveiling the truth about the trade flows that make up the global economy.

Not only do we have the best data, we also have the best service and pricing. We tailor costs and accessibility to suit your needs.

We are world-renowned global trade experts with decades of experience in supply chains, commodities, import and export statistics published by national agencies and the UN, and a passion for unsurpassed customer service.

That means we always take your calls and work hard to get you the data you need to develop the best marketing strategy.

We Don’t Just Build Information Systems, We Build Relationships

Clients come to us from around the world for our indisputable expertise and stay because of our unsurpassed service and the adaptable relevance of our platform. Based on your ever-evolving needs, we will continuously fine-tune your product.

Customized Trade Data Systems

  • Customization

  • Currency

  • Multilingual

  • Diversity

  • Functionality

  • Reportability

  • Validity

  • Reliability

  • Focus

  • Clarity

  • Flexibility

  • Efficiency


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