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Customized Products for Data-Driven Answers

From government, to private sector, to trade associations, our clients trust the quality of our Trade Data Monitor database of international trade statistics, analysis, and reporting for data-driven answers to crucial questions in any industry, around the globe.

There’s never any charge for training and you’re never alone. Our Trade Data Monitor experts provide personalized consulting and customer service to help you better understand reports, see the global perspective, anticipate challenges, and seize potential.

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Our Executive Team members are committed to integrity, reliability, and customer service and are internationally recognized as trade data experts.

C. Donald Brasher Jr., President, Trade Data Monitor, Inc.

C. Donald Brasher Jr. is an internationally known expert on trade policy and a leader in assisting governments, associations and industries in analyzing trade data to make strategic decisions.

Don founded and serves as President of Trade Data Monitor LLC., a firm dedicated to assisting in the understanding of official merchandise trade statistics. The company is dedicated to assisting international organizations, associations, companies and governments use trade statistics to give an enhanced perspective on the evolution of the global market place.

Earlier in his career, Don worked in the arena of global trade data analysis for the U.S. Commerce Department, the Center for International Technological Cooperation and Development at American University, and the International Business and Economic Research Corporation in Washington, D.C. He co-founded his first company, International Development Systems, Inc. in 1986, advising major importers and retailers of textiles and apparel from around the world. He has advised over 16 governments in major trade negotiations. Since 2006, Don has lived in Geneva, Switzerland.

Don is recognized as an authority on the world of trade by the international media, business organizations and universities. He has been quoted in a wide range of publications, including The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Journal of Commerce and others, along with being interviewed on National Public Radio. Don served for over 15 years as an adjunct professor at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina, lecturing on globalization and entrepreneurship. He has been a feature speaker on the topic of trade at the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, the Global Business Dialogue and the National Association of Business in Washington, and at other venues.

Don studied international economics and international law at the graduate level at American University and the University of Delaware. He is a graduate of Lynchburg College with a bachelor of science in economics and a bachelor of arts in European literature and philosophy. In addition to English he has a working knowledge of French and is actively studying Italian.

Kristen Stein, Executive Vice President

Kristen Stein is responsible for managing the North American and Asian business development teams at Trade Data Monitor. Over the course of her career, Kristen has developed an outstanding reputation for assisting clients in understanding data in a global perspective so they can seize potential opportunities and find solutions to their challenges.

Kristen began her career in the world of international trade when she joined Global Trade Information Services in 2000, based in Geneva, Switzerland, and Columbia, South Carolina, as a trade data research analyst. She quickly became involved in client acquisition and service, working her way up to senior director of sales and marketing.

With GTIS, Kristen provided and implemented trade data solutions to Fortune 100 companies and 50 government agencies, trade associations, ports, law firms, universities, libraries and others in North America and the United Kingdom. When GTIS was sold to IHS in 2014, Kristen was recruited to become the director of product management at IHS.

Kristen graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in international studies. 

Brigitte Stringfield, Executive Vice President

Brigitte Stringfield is a key player in marketing, data acquisition and customer service with Trade Data Monitor in the markets of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Brigitte is fluent in French and English, with a professional working proficiency of German and Spanish.

With a background in teaching at the collegiate and executive level, Brigitte is a natural at educating potential clients about trade data and how to analyze it. Her fluency in French led her to join Global Trade Information Services, based in Geneva, Switzerland, and Columbia, S.C., nearly 20 years ago, translating contracts and marketing materials into French.  

Brigitte then became involved in trade analysis, data acquisition and marketing GTIS products and services, playing an important role in growing the European market. When GTIS was sold in 2014 to IHS, Brigitte was recruited to become the key accounts manager for the company’s largest clients in Europe.  

Brigitte is a native of Annecy, France, and a graduate of the University of Grenoble, where she majored in foreign languages, with a minor in business.

Miguel Alomar Escandell, Director of Information Technology Systems

Ensuring the accuracy of Trade Data Monitor’s comprehensive databases is a key priority for Miguel Alomar Escandell, who oversees the data processing team and works on database design and implementation.

Miguel is an expert in databases and data warehouses, with 20 years of experience working on IT projects in the industries of banking, insurance, healthcare, hotels, and travel.

He has worked on all aspects of the product development lifestyle including the gathering and analysis of requirements, architecture design, configuration and build, unit and integration testing and post-production support.

Miguel spent 12 years in Zurich, Switzerland where he worked as an external data warehouse consultant for Credit Suisse. His wide range of responsibilities on various projects included working as a data architect and developer, database designer, business analyst, technical team leader and PL/SQL developer. Prior to that, Miguel worked at Swisslife as an external Oracle consultant.

He is a graduate of the University of the Balearic Islands with master’s and bachelor’s degrees in computer science. Miguel is fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan.


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